Brain On


Brain On


Promotes concentration, clarity, & focus.*

Zero sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or gmo's.

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BrainON is a Refractance WindowTM  dried, concentrated organic E3AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) extract of Phycocyanin and Phenylethylamine (PEA). Our proprietary extract is chemical free. BrainON contains the ingredient in wild-harvested AFA that may help promote mood balance and enhanced focus*. PEA is a naturally occurring extract from AFA and research suggests that PEA may support a positive mood balance and give you the ability to manage everyday stress by modulating the release of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine and dopamine).* PEA (also found in chocolate) is a naturally occurring extract that may promote
clear thinking and focus to give you optimal cognitive function.* Clinical research suggests that Phycocyanin may support healthy, whole-body inflammation responses.*

Clinical studies have also shown BrainON may also:

  • Support healthy mood balance*

  • Enhanced well-being & performance*

  • Healthy response to stress*

  • Increased focus & concentration*

What others have to say



My ability to handle stress, focus, & retain information greatly increased. Also my endurance at the gym has improved!

Rosemarie, MA, CNA

"After taking BrainON for many months, I have noticed great results in my emotional clarity, energy & mental levels - especially first thing in the morning upon awakening.

I don't have the tiredness or foggy brain symptoms anymore."

Joey M.

"Before every show I enliven my attitude with a generous shot of E3Live BrainON... No show is complete without it. Thanks to the freshness of wild blue green algae, stay focused & committed to my LIVE audience!"

Jason Mraz

Usually ships within 24 hours!

Expedited shipping available.

Patented nasal breathing trainer.

One of a kind. No knock offs.