E3AFA (Blue Green Algae)


E3AFA (Blue Green Algae)


Supports energy, vitality, endurance, & faster recovery.

More than 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & essential fatty acids.

Zero sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or gmo's.

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Superfood for superhumans.

E3AFA is Refractance Window dried. It is the world’s most nutritional, highest quality powder form of AFA (100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Latin for "invisible flower of the water") —a certified organic wild harvested Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™ consideredby world renowned health authorities to be nature's most beneficial superfood.

May promote:

  • Long-lasting energy boost*

  • Support of healthy skin, nails, and hair*

  • Faster recovery time after exercise*

  • Support of healthy intestinal and digestive systems*

  • Support for a healthy immune system*

  • Increased energy, vitality and endurance*

  • Support of a healthy mood balance and ability to manage everyday stress*

  • Restored overall biochemical balance*
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"E3Live is the freshest and by far the best AFA on the market! I recommend E3Live over any other algae. Test and be convinced!"

David Wolfe, Best selling Author & Health Educator

"I have been taking AFA algae in one form or another from Upper Klamath Lake (E3Live) for 3 years and feel better than anytime in my life. At age 62 that is saying a lot. In addition, I have not been sick one day in those three years. I have especially enjoyed for the first time in my life, perfect intestinal regularity!"

Ward H, Customer

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Usually ships within 24 hours!

Expedited shipping available.

Patented nasal breathing trainer.

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