• Introducing the OptiO2 Sport™

Introducing the OptiO2 Sport™

The Ultimate Performance Trainer

We've combined the athletic benefits of nasal breathing with the performance enhancement of a mouthguard to create the ultimate training accessory for serious athletes.

How It Works

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I was surprised at how much more I breathed through my nose during a hard HIIT workout compared to when I simply "think" about breathing through my nose.

Ben Greenfield, Fitness Coach & Author, Former NSCA Trainer of the Year

Performance Benefits


Training with a mouthguard has been shown to improve balance, strength, posture and range of motion. Nasal breathing results in more efficient use of oxygen by your muscles, which means more efficient use of energy.


A relaxed forward jaw has been shown to reduce the rate of lactic acid build-up, while nasal breathing slows the rate of dehydration.


Training with a mouthguard has been shown to decrease production of cortisol, which results in less soreness and faster recovery. 

Nose breathing imposes approximately 50% more resistance to the air stream in normal individuals than does mouth breathing, resulting in 10-20% more oxygen uptake. 

Cottle, 1972: Rohrer, 1915

This thing rocks. If you are prone to mouth breathing when your heart rate increases do yourself a favor and get one. Totally worth it.

Shwn Richardson, American Ninja Warrior Finalist Season 8, Creator of BAMF Hammer