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Created by athletes for athletes.

OptiO2 Labs started from lifelong athletes and fitness enthusiasts wanting to unlock every advantage to perform at their best. We consider ourselves a special breed, but understand we are not alone. Countless others understand the importance of details and nasal breathing in particular. We like many others got tired of using tape or speeding mental energy focusing on our breath at the expense of our workout. So we set out to pioneer a new category of products that promote and facilitate optimal breathing during training and exercise. Based on research and grounded in science, the OptiO2™ patented line of products is designed to help athletes of all skill levels get the most out of every breath. By seeking out experts in orthodontics, myofunctional therapy/exercise, custom mouthpiece design (for NBA superstars) and more we were able to create what OptiO2 is today.

While designed with athletes in mind, everyone can utilize OptiO2 for better breathing, sleep, and performance.

Expert detail & design.

Improved Oxygen Delivery

Nasal breathing paired with open airways facilitated by correct oral posture allows for optimal oxygen delivery for uptake in muscles and tissues.

Natural Production of Nitric Oxide

Nasal breathing promotes the natural production of nitric oxide. NO is consider a vital component in bodily function.

Supports Correct Oral Posture

Correct oral posture is important not only for open airways but also for overall maintenance and development of facial structure.

Change the way you train & perform forever.

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