OptiO2 Sport™



OptiO2 Sport™


I was surprised at how much more I breathed through my nose during a hard HIIT workout compared to when I simply "think" about breathing through my nose. -Ben Greenfield


Recover faster, breathe better, & train smarter.

BPA, phthalate and latex-free.

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The Ultimate Performance Trainer

We've combined the athletic benefits of nasal breathing with the performance enhancement of a mouthguard to create the ultimate training accessory for serious athletes.

The OptiO2+ Sport™ patented design works by inhibiting oral airflow, thus forcing nasal breathing during use. Nasal breathing has been shown to be optimal during performance, but this can be easier said than done, especially at higher intensities. The OptiO2+ Sport™ removes the option of breathing through the mouth completely, ensuring you are capitalizing on a list of physiological benefits, including: 

  • Natural production of nitric oxide (NO)
  • Maximum oxygen uptake by muscles & tissues
  • Increased CO2 tolerance
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Reduced cortisol production
  • Slower rate of dehyrdration
  • Faster post workout recovery
  • Better reaction time


Used & loved by professional & recreational athletes of all sports including the fitness guru.


Each detail was made with help from specialists in orthodontics & professional athletes mouthpiece design.


Training with a mouthguard has been shown to improve balance,
strength, posture and range of motion. Nasal breathing results in more efficient use of oxygen by your muscles, which means more efficient use of energy.


A relaxed forward jaw has been shown to reduce the rate of lactic
acid build-up, while nasal breathing slows the rate of dehydration.


Training with a mouthguard has been shown to decrease production of
cortisol, which results in less soreness and faster recovery. 


This thing rocks. If you are prone to mouth breathing when your heart rate increases do yourself a favor and get one. Totally worth it.

Shawn Richardson, American Ninja Warrior Finalist Season 8, Creator of BAMF Hammer

It really does make mouth-breathing completely impossible and stays in the mouth quite well during a workout. If you're looking to improve your breathing during exercise, this thing makes a difference.

Ben Greenfield, Fitness Coach & Author, Former NSCA Trainer of the Year

It forces you to breathe through your nose ONLY! The way you're supposed to breathe. Mouth breathing is for eating & talking.

Mickey Gall, UFC Fighter


optimal oral posture + nasal breathing

While mouthtape, nasal strips, and even holding water in your mouth can help you with your nasal breathing, they do nothing for your oral posture. Oral posture is equally important including the placement of your tongue. This is why we designed the trainer with a tongue shelf to help you create the proper posture while breathing. The tongue should rest elevated on the top of your mouth behind the front row of teeth. With your jaw in proper position, tongue elevated, and teeth held together, you create a seal opening your airways the way it was designed for optimal airflow.

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Usually ships within 24 hours!

Expedited shipping available.

Patented nasal breathing trainer.

One of a kind. No knock offs.